Owens Corning Roofing

Deciding to bite the bullet and replace your roof is not an easy choice. It’s a costly renovation that can take a while, and if your roof is already leaking, the pressure is on. Once you choose to get it replaced however, you’re faced with even more decisions. Now you have to pick which shingles you want, and try to decide what color roof you’re looking for. The hardest part is finding the color and style of shingle you want, with the level protection your home needs to stay safe and dry.

Luckily, when you hire the experts at Home Pro of West Michigan to handle your roofing project, you’re already a step ahead. We’ve got decades in the business, so we can help you make some of those difficult choices. We know which roofing brands can be trusted, and which you might want to steer away from.

Since we know your first priority is a roof that you can trust to last, we always recommend Owens Corning shingles. One of the biggest names in the business, Owens Corning has multiple lines of shingles that look and perform in different ways, but all of them are sure to protect your home from the harsh West Michigan weather for years to come.

Home Pro of West Michigan is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, which means we’re licensed to install Owens Corning roofs, and we’re able to provide our clients with an upgraded warranty. We’ve got years of experience installing Owens Corning roofs, so we’d like to give you a little information about our favorite line of shingles from Owens Corning, the Duration Series.

Owens Corning Roof on Red House

Duration Series:

Owens Corning’s TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles deliver the top in durability and overall appearance. Featuring SureNail® technology, these shingles are specially designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Tough design – Duration® shingles feature a woven reinforcing fabric that is engineered to make installation easier, ensuring that shingles are fastened consistently throughout the process.
  • Triple layer protection® – Part of the SureNail® difference is the extra layer of reinforcement provided by the woven fabric overlaying the shingle laminate. The common bond offers an extra level of fastener holding power.
  • Excellent Adhesion – Owens Corning has developed an enhanced sealant that powerfully adheres the shingle to the fabric nailing strip.
  • More Adhesive Power – Add the Owens Corning advanced sealant to extra-wide adhesive bands, and you’ll see why the Duration® shingle has such a great wind resistance warranty. The serious adhesive power, combined with SureNail® technology means that you won’t have to worry about shingles blowing off any time soon.
  • Wind Resistant – Just another benefit of the SureNail® technology, Duration® shingles offer superior wind resistance for a minimal amount of nails. Delivering up to 130 MPH wind warranty performance with fewer nails, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a super-strong shingle with fewer deck penetrations.

While having highly durable shingles is obviously the point of re-roofing, you want a roof that looks good too, right?

Well the Owens Corning Duration® shingle delivers here too.

Ownens Corning Roof on Two Story House

Specially constructed to provide great contrast and dimension to every roof, the Duration® shingles make use of multiple granule colors and shadowing to provide your home with a striking architectural look.

The Duration® shingles come in a variety of colors sure to complement any home. Not only will you have a roof that stands out in terms of strength and durability, but your roof will also stand out on the block with bold, contrasting colors and dramatic shadowing.

When you install an Owens Corning Duration® shingle roof, you’ll also receive the additional benefit of a roof that is backed by quality Owens Corning protection. Duration® shingle roof feature:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – A warranty that protects your investment for as long as you live in your home.
  • Wind Resistance Limited Warranty – Protecting your shingles from wind damage caused by up to 130 MPH winds.
  • Algae Resistance Limited Warranty – Protecting your new roof from algae damage for up to 10 years.

What’s more, Owens Corning offers multiple Energy Star approved shingle options that help you reduce that energy bill. Energy efficient shingles reflect solar energy, which means that less heat is absorbed into your home, saving you money on air conditioning.

And if you look at the Owens Corning Duration shingles and decide they’re not for you, that’s okay! They have four other series of shingles that are available in different styles, price ranges, and colors.

At Home Pro of West Michigan, it’s our priority to make sure that you have a roof that you love for the rest of its lifetime. That means that whatever shingle you choose, we’ll install for you! And if you’re having trouble deciding, we’re very familiar with the brand, so we’re more than happy to offer advice.

Re-roofing your home is a big project, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With Owens Corning shingles, and Home Pro’s experienced roofers, you’re sure to end up with a roof that not only keeps your home safe and sound for years to come, but looks great too!