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West Michigan Window Installation Service

Windows are an integral part of your home. They let in much-needed sunlight, giving life to your home’s interior while keeping out the elements, like snow and rain. At Home Pro of West Michigan, we understand the importance of your windows, and we know how much thought you’ve put into your window replacement project. We’ll help you choose the perfect windows for your replacement or new home, and then we’ll take care of the installation for you as well.

With over 20 years in the industry, you can trust the professionals at Home Pro to safely and efficiently install your new windows at a time that’s convenient to you, and with minimal disruption to your home life. We’ll make sure the windows you want are installed exactly the way you want them.  

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How do you know when it’s time to replace your windows?

A full-home window replacement can be a costly affair. Windows aren’t cheap, and it’s not really a part of your home you can afford to scrimp on either. However, there does come a point when it’s absolutely necessary to start thinking about window replacements. Not sure how to tell? Here are a few pretty good indicators:

  • You feel drafts in your home – Unfortunately, all windows let in a little bit of air, but generally, you shouldn’t be able to feel drafts or air shifting with normal, well-functioning windows. If you do, it’s a sign that your current windows have probably become warped or loose, allowing more air than usual to enter your home, and upsetting your climate controlled temperature. While you might consider applying a bit of weather stripping, this should only be a temporary fix, as the stripping will expand and contract based on the temperature, leaving only more gaps. When changes in air drafts become noticeable, it’s a good idea to start thinking about window replacement.
  • There’s condensation inside your windows – If you have double or triple paned glass in your windows, and you are starting to see condensation or fog inside of the layers of glass, it could be an indication that you need to replace your windows. Generally, this is a sign that your windows have seal failure. The seal is what keeps the cold air out of your home, and if your windows aren’t doing this, then they’re not very useful. It’s probably a good idea to talk to a professional at this point.
  • If your energy bill is very high – If you think your energy bill is unreasonably high, one factor could be your windows. Old windows especially let in a lot of cold air and let out a lot of heated air, meaning your furnace has to work harder to keep a room to temperature. Though the cost of new, replacement windows can be high, they usually pay for themselves in energy savings. So, if you’re looking for another way to increase your energy efficiency, new windows might just be a perfect option for you.

At Home Pro, we install all types of windows, and we pride ourselves in supplying our customers with quality, high-performance windows. We carry top-of-the-line products supplied by the best companies like Pella, Amcraft, and ReliaBilt. No matter what windows you have, we can find a modern, high-quality replacement that fits both your home and your budget.

If you think it’s time for a window replacement, give the experts at Home Pro of West Michigan a call! We’ll discuss what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know how we can help.