Does your home have an unfinished basement sitting idle? Or maybe a finished basement that’s slowly becoming a storage clutter black hole? Are you planning on building a home with a basement and you just aren’t sure what to do with it? Whether you’re thinking about creating a spare apartment space, forming it into the perfect craft or hobby den, or simply just want to make your home more efficient to heat, there are many ways that basement finishing and renovation can work well for you.

Basement Finishing and Renovation Can Save You Money

By adding insulation to the walls of your basement, finishing and renovation can make your home easier to keep heated or cooled and save you money on your electric bill, as well as possibly adding value to your home.

Basement finishing projects like adding in insulation or drywall can be a tough task to take on, but with assistance from a basement finishing professional you can save yourself plenty of cash in heating and cooling costs by ensuring your whole home, including your basement, is fully insulated.

On top of the money saved on heating and cooling, finishing your basement will also add value to your home. How much value depends fully upon how much space you have to renovate, so an entire basement apartment would be valued differently than a downstairs work out room. Talking to a basement finishing and renovation specialist and getting a quote can provide you with some interesting information on how much potential your basement has, and they can help you with everything from insulation to flooring to plumbing and everything in between. For more information, check out this article from Angie’s List on why you should hire a professional for your basement finishing project.

By hiring a basement finishing professional, you can save yourself time and hassle while gaining valuable planning advice from experienced professionals.

Basement Finishing Can Help You Accomplish Goals

Basement Finishing can help you turn that extra space into an extra bedroom or a crafting or hobby space, or any other space you may need.
Whether you’re seeking an extra bedroom for guests or a space to develop your Etsy crafting career, basement finishing and renovation can work for you in several ways. It is becoming more common for people to try to utilize every bit of space they have in their home, and their space is no different. By considering basement finishing and/or basement renovation, you can open a world of new ideas and options for a previously unused or vacant space such as an unfinished basement.

Renovating or finishing your basement can provide you the opportunity to transform your basement, large or small, into something wonderful.

There are many options for basement renovation. Depending on the size of your basement, you have the potential to add anything from a small office space to an entire spare apartment. Someone such as a basement finishing professional can assist you with adding a spare bathroom to your unfinished basement to transform it into a separate apartment or spare bedroom. Likewise, if your basement is already finished, someone experienced in basement renovation can help you transform that empty canvas into a masterpiece of a home addition.

For ideas and inspiration, check out Basement Finishing and Renovation on Pinterest and also check out the following link for a quote on Professional Basement Finishing and Renovation Services in the West Michigan area!

Basement Renovation Can Help You Generate Income

Basement renovation can help you generate more income by allowing you to turn your unused basement space into a spare bedroom or apartment that you can rent out.

In this tough economy, one way many people are supplementing their income is by renting out an extra room in their home. Some find it easier to look for a month-to-month tenant, and many use sites like AirBNB to rent out that extra space on a nightly or even weekly basis. According to AirBNB, residents of Spring Lake, MI, can potentially make around an extra $1000 a month by renting out a private room such as a finished basement. Over time, thanks to income from renting, basement renovation can become a worthy investment.

According to, the cost of basement finishing and renovation can vary widely depending on factors such as square footage and location. Basement renovation can cost as much as $6,000 and basement finishing can cost even more. However, by using a site such as AirBNB to rent out your basement, you can make up for the cost of your basement renovation in a few months, and the extra income can help offset the cost of any basement finishing you may need.

For more information, check out this link from HGTV on basement renovation for renting, and for more information on renting out your basement on AirBNB after your basement finishing and renovation, check out the following link to our website for free information. Renting a Spare Bedroom on AirBNB

Taking on a basement finishing and renovation project can be daunting at first. However, with the right help from a professional, you can transform your newly finished basement into anything you could possibly want. Whether you’re seeking a spare bedroom to rent out for extra income or simply need an extra workspace for hobbies or projects, renovating your basement can prove to be an extremely rewarding effort. By finishing or renovating your basement, you can save money on your electric bill and even add value to your home, all while fully utilizing the available space in your home.

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