If you’ve been looking for bathroom makeover ideas in the last month or two, you’ve probably seen phrases like “farmhouse style” and “rustic.” That’s right—these old-school stylings are making a major come back, and in a brilliant way, too. Homeowners and bathroom contractors have been taking these older styles and mixing them with modern stylings, personalizing them to provide a unique set-up for half-baths and master bathrooms alike. Is your bathroom incorporating this antique-chic style? If not, this article will let you know about some amazing bathroom makeover ideas, Grand Haven! We’ll talk about some interesting styles and even bathroom contractors Grand Haven residents can trust with all their bathroom makeover needs.

Modern-Vintage Bathroom Makeover Ideas Grand Haven Needs to See


The wooden overhang and iron pipes for this shower provide a more rustic look while the use of minimalist art adds a modern flare. For more information on bathroom makeover ideas Grand Haven, visit our homepage!

With the upcoming new year, many people are trying to think of ways to change up their routine or liven up their space. In many ways, people are looking back to more rustic styles and incorporating them into their redecorating and even their bathroom makeover. They might include some antique decorations, a rustic wood vanity, and a new shower set-up to reflect a vintage, yet equally modern style.


For instance, many are remodeling their showers to reflect a rustic or vintage style. Check out this shower makeover (in the photo right) featuring a wooden overhang, pipes for the shower curtain, and a vintage-style bathtub. Mixed with the interesting tile, natural lighting, and some modern artwork, this bathroom provides a unique vintage feel as well as a comfortable ambiance. Plus, the touch of modernity freshens things up so the style doesn’t seem too antiquated.

Many are going back to the white brick style as well. It provides a clean background and if you can utilize some natural lighting, it looks even better. Look at this photo below:

The blue accent wall and natural lighting perfectly accent the white brick and vintage-style tub in this bathroom.

The use of the natural lighting with white brick walls makes this smaller bathroom space seem bigger, and the light blue on the walls provides just the right amount of color pop to accent the white brick. The vintage style tub with the white brick as well as the patterned tile underneath are part of a more classic style. The color, mirror, and light all add the contrasting modern touches to make this space interesting, fresh, and clean.

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Unique Bathroom Makeover Ideas Grand Haven Will Adore

When it comes to bathroom makeovers, there are so many different directions to choose from. You can make your bathroom the epitome of luxury with lavish amenities, or you can go with a more minimalist style and keep it neat. Here are some more unique ideas that might provide you with some inspiration if you’re looking for bathroom makeover ideas. Grand Haven, get ready!

Natural Lighting

One way many are reinvigorating their bathroom space is by utilizing natural lighting. If your bathroom doesn’t have access to natural lighting via a window or skylight, however, this can be difficult, but even with a small window, there are ways to bring out that natural lighting to brighten up your bathroom.

For instance, the light-yellow hues and white accents help bring out the natural lighting in the bathroom space in the photo to the right, even with a small window.


Wood Paneling and Accents

One idea that’s been showing up everywhere is using wood panels on bathroom walls. This idea brings a rustic, more country atmosphere to your space and can provide an interesting accent wall for your bathroom.

In the photo below, you will see an excellent example of this style put to use. The use of rustic décor with the wood paneling on the walls combined with the more modern-style sink and window bring a warm ambiance to this bathroom.

Reusing and Upcycling

In recent years, there has been a growing sense of responsibility for the environment. Much of this has been shown through the transformation of old materials into new things, known as upcycling. Fortunately, there are many ways to take found, used, or worn materials and use them to transform your bathroom in a similar manner.

This photo below shows a bathroom where the mirror accents have been updated using old ammunition crate boxes. Reusing materials that might otherwise be discarded is a great way to add a unique touch to your bathroom space.

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Bathroom Contractors Grand Haven Can Trust!

There are certain things about a bathroom makeover you can DIY, but for quality results, there’s nothing like hiring a professional. They can take your design ideas and transform your bathroom so that it will both look good and last.

In many cases, homeowners are more satisfied with professional work. Ultimately, for bathroom makeover ideas, Grand Haven residents have resources that can really benefit them. This includes bathroom contractors Grand Haven can look to for professional advice and guidance, as well as reasonable rates!

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As you can see, there are a wide variety of styles that can incorporate vintage stylings with modern ones. For bathroom makeover ideas, Grand Haven residents can find a plethora of options and styles online or by consulting with your local bathroom contractors Grand Haven for personalized options and quality results.

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