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Whether you are building a new home in Grand Haven or remodeling your basement, HomePro can provide you with a stylish and practical egress window system to help protect your family.

Keeping your family safe means having proper emergency escape system. According to Grand Haven, Michigan’s building code, an escape door or easy-to-open window is required in every bedroom and basement living area to serve as an emergency exit. Home Pro of West Michigan will install high-quality egress windows that meet your local building code to provide a safe space for your family.

Grand Haven egress windows can also add to the basement ambiance with added natural light and ventilation. The window well can be incorporated into your outdoor landscaping for added curb appeal.


Egress Window Options

Egress Window Features

  • Open to a minimum width of 20 inches and height of 24 inches
  • Open from inside without needed any special tools or keys
  • Provide easy access to emergency personnel

Any additional safety features, such as grates, screens, and bars must swing out of the way or be removable without needing any special tools. This makes for easy access to your home in case of an emergency situation.

What Is An Egress Window?

An egress window consists of several useful features, including a screen that’s easily removable from inside your home, as well as window panel that fully swings or slides out of the way. They aren’t like traditional windows that only open to a certain extent.

If you live in Grand Haven and have been looking for the perfect finishing touch for your home, look no further than egress windows. These windows allow in light, meet necessary safety requirements, and make your home look complete.

If you have any more questions about home egress windows in Grand Haven, make sure to call the experts at Home Pro of West Michigan today! We can be reached at 616-414-7578

Egress windows are available for both the bedrooms and basement of your home. Installing basement egress windows in Grand Haven requires a supported window well. These pre-made window wells are available in a variety of materials and come designed specifically for emergency access. Some even have a built-in ladder (required if the window is more than 44 inches lower than ground level) that allows occupants to climb out when needed easily. On top of that, Grand Haven residents can have them with window-well covers that keep the space from filling with water or other hazards.

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Why Choose Egress Windows in Grand Haven?

Our customers living in Grand Haven say egress windows not only provide a safe escape mechanism for their home case of a fire, but they also look nice. We know that these windows will blend in with the others in your home.  And make them look as though they were there all along. Whether it’s time to upgrade all of your windows in order to be compliant with Michigan’s safety codes, or it’s simply time to redo your old, tired windows, give HomePro of West Michigan today! Our phone number is 616-414-7578.

Our professional installers in Grand Haven can upgrade the windows on your home, making it safer for everyone who resides within. Plus, your new egress windows will meet Michigan’s building codes and look nice on top of everything else. As you can see, there are many benefits to egress windows!



Spring Lake homeowners should all know that egress window installation services are available in your city.  HomePro of West Michigan makes your family safer with our egress window installations.  Give yourself that extra peace of mind you deserve with this added feature to your home.  If you live in Spring Lake, let us help you.  Call today.

Grand Haven

Grand Haven homeowners who need egress window installation can call on us.  We offer a number of type of installations to include Wellcraft egress systems to help with basement lighting and escape-ways to keep your loved ones safe.  Our friendly service reps are here to assist in helping you make the best choice for your home.   Contact us today to see how we can help.

West Olive

If you live in West Olive then you’ve probably heard of HomePro of West Michigan.  If not, we’d like to introduce ourselves as your local service-provider for egress window installations.  Homeowners in West Olive looking to help protect their family and loved-ones have been contacting us to help them with this home safety solution. Call today and to see how we can install your egress window safety solution!


At HomePro, we use Wellcraft well products.  This allows us to bring you a full range of styles and designs to not only brighten up your basement but also help ensure the safety of your loved-ones.  Your basement does not have to be dark and depressing.  In fact, it can be bright and refreshing not to mention the safety aspects of a wellcraft egress window installation system.  If you live in Nunica, Michigan  Call today to see if an egress window installation is right for you.


Keep your family safe and increase your home value with egress windows from Home Pro of West Michigan.  We are your local neighborhood full service home building provider.  With nearly 25 years of experience serving the Coopersville area and now offering egress window installation, we look forward to helping serve you.  In case of emergency, you’ll be glad (and your family will too) that you had egress windows installed.  If you live in Coopersville, Michigan then call us today to see how we can help.


Are you a homeowner wanting to increase the value of your home?  Are you remodeling your home or finishing your basement?  In case of a fire or emergency, do you want to help keep your family safe?  If you said “yes” to any of these questions and you live in the Fruitport area then call HomePro.  We are you locally owned service provider for stylish and affordable egress window installations.  Call today or fill out our form at the top of the page.


Because homeowners in Holland want to help keep their family safe, we have seen an increase of request from the local community asking us for egress window installs.  Some people ask us for egress window installations while they are finishing their basement.  Others request our services because they want to increase the natural lighting coming into their basement floor.  Whatever your reason is HomePro of West Michigan can help you achieve your goals.  Call to see how we can help.


Hudsonville, Michigan homeowners looking for an egress window well escape and get their home up to code have been requesting more and more egress window installations.  We serve residential properties throughout West Michigan and look forward to serving you.  Call today for a free egress window installation estimate.