Nearly all of us have happy memories in the kitchen.  From grandmothers feeding hungry grandchildren at their kitchen counters to happy families baking around the holidays, the kitchen has a lot of happy memories. For this reason, and many others, the kitchen is a place of comfort and joy in the home.  The design of a kitchen contributes to that.

Keeping kitchen designs interesting can be a challenge. There are more traditional styles that will always look great.  As a result, there are rising trends in unique and daring backsplashes and kitchen cabinet colors. In this article, you’ll see examples of kitchen design ideas Grand Haven residents can appreciate.  This is to include small kitchen storage ideas, plus info on where to go for help with your kitchen design ideas!

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas Grand Haven Residents Will Adore

This kitchen features cabinet doors with glass inlays as well as white tile backsplash. These design elements accent black countertop and appliances to bring a rustic, but modern feel to this kitchen.

There are so many traditional kitchen cabinet designs that just never go out of style. Some might go with a classic spruce or cedar cabinet set-up.  However, others prefer the richer dark or rose oak. Whatever your style, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your cabinet design.

Cabinet doors with glass inlays are one timeless trend in cabinet design. They look elegant and classy.  They’re easily customizable and there’s the added bonus of being able to see into your cabinets quickly and easily. Some cabinet doors even come with stained glass inlays to add a unique decorative touch to your kitchen.

Another popular kitchen design idea is adding molding onto your cabinets. There are many styles to choose from and a wide variety, from conservative plain styles to more decorative styles such as crown and beaded molding. Molding adds an interesting flair to cabinet design without being too flashy (or terribly expensive).

Kitchen Cabinet Design with Bold Backsplash

One way many are deciding to spice up their kitchen cabinet design is by complementing their cabinets with a bold accent or backsplash. With a backsplash added to your kitchen cabinet design, you have a cost-effective way to add uniqueness to your kitchen. There are many different directions to go!

Bright colors can accent kitchen cabinets in fun and interesting ways. Color contrasts can create a very bold look without too much expense. For example, if you have white cabinets you can paint the backsplash one solid bold color, or you can add different patterns with bright colors, such as checkerboard or polka dots. If you have light wood cabinets, you can add a darker wood backsplash to complement your cabinets.

Wood paneling is another popular option, and one of many kitchen design ideas Grand Haven can take advantage of. Depending on the color and design of your cabinets, a wood-style backsplash can add a new level of cool to your kitchen. For more on how to bring to life your kitchen design ideas, Grand Haven residents can visit our home page!

Small-Space Kitchen Design Ideas Grand Haven Residents Should See

Many people are looking to move into smaller homes, or even buying mobile “tiny homes”. Many of these types of living spaces require small kitchens.  If you live in Grand Haven and have one of these types of homes, it may require some creativity when it comes to managing storage space most efficiently.  We see it all the time especially if you happen to have a fair amount of appliances and kitchen gadgets.

One common way to make a small kitchen interesting is to be creative with shelf placement. Wall space is one of the most under-utilized storage methods, especially in kitchens. However, one way this can be improved is by adding in shelving wherever possible, even between your kitchen cabinets. With a bit of creativity and help from your local contractor, the possibilities are endless!

Space Saving Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

One trending idea in kitchen design ideas is the thought that “more is less.” Many homeowners are switching up their kitchen cabinet designs so that they can have more open space in their kitchen and less clutter out in the open.

Because of this, designers are getting creative. People are coming up with interesting ways to make more out of the space they already have. For example, some are adding in a kitchen island to double as extra storage space and extra counter space. Others are renovating their kitchen cabinets to better utilize any idle storage space. These are just a couple examples of all the options available to make your kitchen a comfortable, happy, and productive place to be!

Using Brick or Tile in Kitchen Cabinet Design

A brick or tile backsplash can bring an interesting atmosphere to your kitchen. The brick behind nearly any color cabinets adds a rustic feel to your kitchen, adding more comfort to your kitchen. Mix this in with some fun décor of your choice, and you have a unique and beautiful kitchen cabinet design that will wow for decades.

The brick in this kitchen adds a very rustic feel to these weathered-wood cabinets. With the unique shelving and cabinets, this kitchen provides a comfortable atmosphere that’s also very hip.

Adding a patterned or colored tile backsplash to your kitchen design can add a unique complement to your kitchen cabinet design. You can even turn your tile backsplash into a unique mosaic of colors to add brilliance to your kitchen. Tile can be both a beautiful and inexpensive option to add some flair to your kitchen design.

The brick-style backsplash isn’t a terribly expensive option either. Most styles come as wall paneling, sized to your space and installed directly on the wall. This way, you get the brick look (and even texture) in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of actual brick. For more information on incorporating brick or tile paneling into your kitchen design ideas, Grand Haven residents can visit our Home Page!

For Grand Haven Kitchen Design Ideas, Call Us!

Do you feel inspired? Have some kitchen design ideas you’d like to bring to life? There are so many fun kitchen design ideas Grand Haven residents will love, and there are plenty of design options available to Grand Haven residents! For more information on how to achieve your kitchen cabinet design dreams and on more kitchen design ideas Grand Haven residents will love, call us. Let us help you bring to life all your kitchen design ideas, Grand Haven!