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Spring Lake Window Replacement

Reduce Your Energy Cost With New Pella, Joyce or Andersen Windows

At Home Pro of West Michigan, we believe in providing you with the highest quality replacement windows on the market.  So that’s why we deal with trusted window companies like Joyce, Pella, and Andersen.  All of the replacement options we recommend to our customers are brands that we trust.  Similarly, each brand delivers top-of-the-line quality in durability, efficiency, and design for Spring Lake window replacement. Therefore, we have the type of window you need.  Additionally, it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple double-hung, or a large picture window.  One of our trusted brands is sure to have the option that’s right for you. Lastly, whatever product you want, the experts at Home Pro will install your Spring Lake window replacement for you, properly and with care.

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Joyce Window Repair and Replacement

Joyce Replacement Windows and Window Repair

Home Pro has a great relationship with Joyce and their product lines. We always recommend our customers check out our unique line of offerings for an option that fits your home. Some of Joyce’s product line includes specialty windows to add a unique touch, shape, and feel to your home.  Or you can select a bow or bay window for added curb appeal or instant expansion to your room.  If you like growing your own herbs or flowers then maybe a garden window will work best for you. 

From standard replacement to hand built casement and awning windows, Joyce has plenty of options.  Joyce selections meet energy efficiency standards, ensuring that you’ll receive the best insulated, efficient windows.  Additionally, the Joyce insulator line is one of the most economical on the market.  Moreover, it provides you with long lasting and low maintenance option.

With a Joyce you’ll have quality and performance all bundled up in one well-made window.  Our double hung windows offer top of the line features.  Even more, Joyce exclusively uses SmartShield Glass.  Most noteworthy, our SmartShield Glass provides great performance for your windows no matter if the weather is hot or cold.  When you choose Joyce, you’ll be choosing a window replacement option that’s best for your budget and for your home. 

We believe in offering our customers the widest variety of high-quality replacement options.  Therefore, it’s important to note that we install more than just Joyce.  In addition, we also install brands like Andersen Windows and Pella Windows.  So if you couldn’t find the window you were looking for in the Joyce options, check out the following choices from both Andersen and Pella!

Andersen Windows

Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows and Window Repair

This is probably our most trusted manufacturing brand.  Consequently you can’t go wrong with Andersen.  This brand is known for its intense functionality and complete customizability.  As a result, Andersen allows you to create a window that fits your dream home perfectly.  No matter what line you choose, Andersen is sure to deliver in terms of durability, energy efficiency, and design.

  • A-Series

Andersen’s architecturally inspired line is sure to please even the most expensive of tastes. Every option in this line was created to enhance the beauty of your home. Additionally, we feature beautifully crafted wood designs.  Our windows are clad with only the most durable protection options.  The A-series delivers both the look and the functionality that you would expect out of high quality windows.

  • E-Series

The E-series features the most stunning choices for you to design your own custom windows and doors. With custom colors and exotic woods, you can take a turn as the designer.  Create your own house windows that fit your dream home perfectly.  E-series also feature the highest level of durability and energy efficiency.  Therefore, your new windows and your home, will be kept safe and secure for years to come.

  • Weiland Series

First of all, the Weiland Series was created specially for big doors.  Large doors add drama and elegance to any home.  As a result, the Weiland Series was created to offer a custom door that fits your home perfectly.  For that reason, choose from a variety of hardware, sizes and custom colors that’s perfect for you.

  • 400 Series

Looking for a house window that sports the perfect combination of style and functionality?  If so, the 400 series is the choice for you. Our vinyl clad wood products are sure to last a lifetime.  With this product, you never have to paint and they require little to no regular maintenance.  Combine the elegance of the 400 series with the energy efficiency benefits that every Andersen window provides.  And this will be your next choice!

  • 200 Series

Andersen’s competitively priced wood option is the 200 series.  This series offers you the benefits of wood windows without the high price! Additionally, you’ll get top-of-the-line quality Andersen products with a wood interior finish.  This series also features the durability of an exterior vinyl finish. Lastly, the exterior vinyl will prevent water from seeping in.  In conclusion, this keeps your home protected from both wind and weather.

  • 100 Series 

The 100 series is built of a composite material that’s twice as strong as vinyl.  Therefore, it’s a durable, beautiful window for a price that fits every budget.  Also the Fibrex® composite material offers the best in durability and energy-efficiency, without breaking the bank.  Add that to the sleek design of classic Andersen products.  And you’re sure to find an option that suits your home and budget.

Pella Windows Repair and Replacement

Pella Replacement Windows and Window Repair

Our brand is known throughout the home improvement industry.  Pella has delivered custom and standard window design options for decades.  Furthermore, Pella provides the highest quality products.  Our windows are durable, beautiful, and comply with the highest of standards in energy efficiency. When you choose Pella for your window replacement project, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Architect Series 

Aluminum-clad wood windows offer the beauty and elegance of fine wood finishes.  Furthermore, the strength and durability of a strong exterior cladding makes this product desirable. You get seven options of wood finish to choose from for the interior.  Similarly, you get low-maintenance aluminum exteriors available in both standard and custom colors.  As a result, you’re sure to find the Architect Pella window that suits your home.

  • Designer Series

If you’re looking for an energy efficient option, this is certainly a well-suited choice! First of all, this series has triple-paned glass.  This series is 53-74% more energy efficient than single pane windows.  This means you’ll enjoy a consistent temperature in your home.  But more importantly, you’ll save on those energy bills. Combine that with Pella’s beautiful designs and interchangeable snap-in between-the-glass blind and shade options, and you’ll have windows that will suit your home for years to come.

  • Pella 450 Series

Looking for a wood option, but don’t want to break the bank?  The 450 Series by Pella just might be your answer! With beautiful fully-customizable wood interiors, and easy to maintain aluminum exteriors, this series offers affordable wood options. Combine that with Pella’s well-known high energy efficiency ratings, and you’ll be saving on more than just the windows!

  • Pella Impervia

Pella’s most durable option.  The Impervia line makes use of a five-layer, engineered fiberglass composite that features Duracast material, ensuring your windows resist high heat and subzero cold. The Impervia line also features a powder-coat finish for a painted wood look available prefinished in your choice of several different colors. Pella’s Impervia windows offer the highest quality in low-maintenance durability.

  • Pella 350 Series

A premium line of vinyl windows!  The 350 series offers serious strength and durability as well as a superior design. Interior welded corners make seams practically invisible, and beveled edges offer a polished look. With a variety of designs to choose from, and the security of HurricaneShield® impact-resistant glass, this is the number one choice for premium vinyl products.

  • Pella 250 Series

Boasting Pella’s exceptional energy-efficiency ratings as well as a high-quality vinyl look, the 250 series is more than just an ordinary line of vinyl products. The 250 series features 52% stronger vinyl frames, and precision welding that ensures the windows don’t warp or twist over time. Offered in Pella’s best selling options, you’re sure to find a double or triple-paned glass window that suits your home and your budget.

  • Encompass by Pella

The ultimate option in terms of energy efficiency, maintenance, and overall price, products from Pella’s Encompass line are sure to last you for years to come. Featuring top-of-the-line durable solid-colored vinyl frames, you’ll never have to repaint, even after minor dings and scratches! The line also boasts convenient blinds between-the-glass, so they’ll never need cleaning or dusting. Top that off with massive energy efficiency savings, and the Encompass line is sure to satisfy any budget or design taste.